Cran-Raspberry Yogurt Pops

Well, summer is definitely here! We just got through a long, hot stretch – I think 5 days in a row where it didn’t get below 30°C. Most were mid 30s and had a real feel (thanks a lot, humidity) closer to 40°! Definitely something we’re not used to!

I decided, out of sheer desperation, to break out our popsicle molds and try my hand at making some healthy frozen treats. You’d think it would be easy – blend the crap out of fruit, toss it in the mold and throw it in the freezer – voila! Popsicles! But have you ever noticed that they’re not terribly creamy? That there’s a lot of ice? It has to do with water content – it’s fat that gives ice cream and popsicles the creaminess.

So I decided to do a layered popsicle with some of the best vegan yogurt I’ve found – Maison Riviera. It is so thick and creamy, it’s worth the extra cost! They have flavored yogurt, but I like to stick with the vanilla as it mixes well with different fruits.

Now, with this “recipe”, there’s no measurements as depending on your mold, it’ll require different quantities. Plus you can use more or less yogurt. Anything extra, just enjoy!


  • Frozen raspberries
  • Frozen cranberries
  • Almond milk
  • Vanilla yogurt


  1. Place equal parts frozen raspberries and frozen cranberries in a high power blender – I used our Magic Bullet – and just enough almond milk to allow the blender to blend the frozen fruit to a smooth consistency.
  2. Alternately spoon fruit mixture and yogurt into the popsicle mold until you reach the max fill line.
  3. Using a skewer, stick it into each mold and swirl it around each popsicle. This will help remove any air pockets and give the popsicle a marbled look.
  4. Place sticks into the mold and put in freezer. Allow to freeze completely – we waited until the next day.
  5. Enjoy any left over frozen fruit – or freeze in an ice cube tray to use in drinks later.

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